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For HanaH Fans

HanaH ☆明日また、笑えるように☆

Hanah J-urban/soul Japanese singer
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Japanese Soul/R&b singer Hanah community Join for nothing but UP TO DATE INFO!
♥♥♥♥♥♥ About HanaH!
Hanah is a Soul/R&B singer/song writer
Hanah grew up surrounded by music, born to a Jazz guitarist father and a Jazz singer mother.
She began writing songs at the age of 10 and studied music all throughout high school.
While in high school she learned English and has studied abroad in the U.S. several times.
After graduation Hanah performed at various events, she gained experience from the underground
music scene in Shibuya. By doing this she caught the attention of Universal records.
In December 2008 she released a mini Indies album entitled “soulflower”.
Hanah is often featured on the iTunes front page for soul/R&B.
As of the release of her single "alone in my room" Hanah has changed her name to HanaH.
Hanah has an incredible and soulful voice she writes her songs from a women’s point of view.
Hanah is a talented artist you should definitely look out for!
Hanah is now..."HanaH" :) with the release of her 4th single "alone in my room"
Welcome to hanah_soul Community!
The first community for Japanese Soul/R&B singer Hanah ^_^
Here is a little info on Hanah if you do not know her.
Enjoy and thanks for stopping by :)

I've also created a hanah Jpopstop that I update just as much as this :)

If you would like to be an Affiliate with hanah_soul just PM the Maintainers jounetsuko18 Or sapphire_niji
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